International Business Accelerator (IBA) Designated “Soft Landings” Partner by International Business Innovation Association (InBIA).

3 min readSep 29, 2021


(Los Angeles, CA, September 28, 2021) The International Business Accelerator (IBA) has been designated as a ‘Soft Landings’ partner by the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA). A Soft Landings designation demonstrates the highest level of service and expertise to ensure international companies experience a “soft landing” when entering a new country. InBIA awarded the designation to the IBA because of its long-established reputation as a leading global entrepreneurship center and its proven track record of providing resources and programming to international companies seeking new market entry in the United States. The IBA has been working for the past five years with global companies establishing US headquarters operations through its InBound LA program.

The IBA has long served the greater Los Angeles region’s strong and vibrant community of entrepreneurs and innovators by escorting domestic companies outward into global markets and helping foreign companies establish a US presence from Southern California via expertise, access to capital, partnerships and sales.

IBA President and Founder, Christopher Lynch shared his excitement about the designation by stating, “This designation is an open invitation to ambitious, innovative companies around the globe to enter the US market through Los Angeles and Southern California, leveraging the IBA as the primary catalyst to their accelerated path to success. The LA region, with its global access and talent pool, is an ideal location for companies to establish a US presence.”

The IBA was the first business accelerator in the US with a cross-border focus and remains the only sector-agnostic program. The program utilizes the strategic location of Los Angeles (#1 port in the Western Hemisphere, 10M population, 224 languages spoken, 4K foreign-owned businesses, vibrant investor community, etc.) and makes the IBA the ideal entry partner into the U.S. market for international companies. In its six years and five dozen startups and fast growth companies, the IBA has a client base of 60% woman-owned and 50% minority owned businesses.

ABOUT: International Business Accelerator (IBA)

Started in 2016, the IBA has focused on bringing innovative companies to global markets. The IBA works with:

  • US companies planning or currently exporting. For startup and small companies, the IBA has an online training platform (IBA On-Demand) that is supported by live expert coaching. For medium sized companies, the IBA offers consulting services that reflect cutting edge strategies in the rapidly changing global trade market.
  • Global companies wanting to set up headquarters operations in Southern California (InBound LA)
  • US and foreign economic development organizations, universities, governments and entities ready to galvanize businesses via cross-border growth and expansion.

The IBA is a program of the nonprofit (501(C)(3) Community Vitalization Council and has, as its mission, a focus on small business development, particularly women-owned and minority-owned businesses, representing 60% and 50% of IBA graduating companies respectively.

ABOUT: International Business Innovation Association (InBIA)

InBIA is a global nonprofit with over 1,200 members that lead entrepreneurship centers in over 30 countries. For over 35 years, InBIA has provided industry best practices through education while enabling collaboration, mentorship, peer-based learning and the sharing of innovative ideas for entrepreneurs across the globe. InBIA is the premier organization for business incubators, accelerators, coworking spaces, and other entrepreneurship centers.

The InBIA Soft Landings network ensures that businesses entering or expanding into a new country are provided with an accelerated introduction to that country’s business practices, regulations, and culture. Soft Landings designees help make contacts in a new country more quickly and efficiently while providing access to the resources necessary to meet their business goals.

For additional information contact: Christopher Lynch, President, Tel: 949–236–9637